Aslar Turizm - About us

Aslar Tourism transportation sector in-work that has 1992, in tourism has started to show activity in transportation. Which was founded by Ali Süngülü Aslar Tourism investments, each last year, the industry’s current conditions according to the requirements and implement the renewal. As provided by its importance and quality of service provided by secure 24/7 vehicle fleet and operations staff with Kaş-Kalkan Antalya province of Turkey Tourism district to its service.

Tourism transportation services as well as staff and student transportation services in service in the same discipline and reliability starts with an understanding Aslar Tourism, history within a short time so far has been safe and comfortable to the trip “the key” principle when it is on the way.

Airport Transfer Services

From the moment you come off plane is available, our captain will take you to your email address by meeting will transport or if you would like to do business with day-in and day-intensive temponuzda will be accompanied. Our confidence, and that will provide comfort in a donanımdadır. Airport transfers we have used vehicles with passengers completely varies according to requests and numbers. when you are traveling on your own, business trips, family group when you are traveling, you ;passenger vehicles, special design minibuslerimiz, vito, sprinter and otobuslerimiz is between your options.

Tourism Transport

Highway provisions required by urban and non-urban transport documents (D2 and A1) starts with a ASLAR TOURISM LTD are domestic and from abroad with out your guests might be faced with and your customers’ transfers, lease transactions and VIP transportation of each is right for your needs with our staff and tourist transportation and employment.Our company is also SAYBEK TOURISM as no. 8690 is a member of TURSAB.

VIP Transportation

That starts as a ASLAR TOURISM LTD, and the VIP Special Transportation services designed for VIP service with special accessories lux and a comfortable VIP tools, different and innovative to serve our guests with our policy a professional service and comfort experienced team are empowered to serve with them. VIP in Transport airport transfer, urban and non-urban tours, business meetings and meetings of the domestic and international transportation services from outside out your guests might be faced with the special congress and seminars, etc. avoiding disruptions to your ASLAR TOURISM LTD starts as that we are pleased to service quality. You want to have the privilege to any organizasyonlarınızda We support.

Lycian Way Transportation

Fethiye, Antalya, starting at or up to date and the Lycian peninsula is accessible via paths in goat, called a map created with the generic and walk along its route. be begun work in 1992 in the 1999 Lycian way by Kate Clow was opened to service.

Not produced by the best in the world of 10 long-distance walk is shown as one of course. On the Line in 2007, Gelidonya Lighthouse view of Turkey’s most beautiful view is selected. As well as a ship in the world is completely cıkarılabildigi excavation under water first which can be seen from this area have been made in American village.

The Lycian way 509 km starting point from Fethiye and cater to Antalya, all walking routes start and end points with people who knows soforlerimiz 7 +13 +17 +27+31 people capacity with our daily and weekly rounds in that.

Staff and Student Transportation

Staff Service: Before carrying out any work, the last step, such as service staff performance and efficiency at work, come home to travel to business following the expiration of period of resting directly influences service instant secure, comfortable, peaceful, in a home.

Student Service: The most valuable assets; you and the important thing for us is first of all our children in safety we reserve. Aslar Transportation, in-district student services transportation services our company that the issue that knows its responsibilities, is a serious and profound. As for them, the service tool with day and the team starts with.